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The ‘Voice of International Exhibition Organizers’ Summit was held in Shenzhen, Wise Exhibition won the title of ‘ Guangdong Top 100 Convention and Exhibition Enterprises’

On March 3, 2021, the "Voice of International Exhibition Organizers" Summit which is an annual brand event mainly hosted by Guangdong Exhibition Organizers Association was grandly opened in Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center.


The theme of this annual meeting is “Strength of Up and Down -Breaking through of the Bay Area Convention and Exhibition”. The annual meeting invited nearly 40 industry professors and more than 200 brand exhibition enterprises to communicate on the same stage in Shenzhen with other three activities which were "Greater-Bay-Area Convention and Exhibition Innovation Summit" of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Industry Association, Customer Appreciation Activity of Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center, Award Ceremony of Guangdong Top 100 Convention and Exhibition Enterprises. Wise Exhibition president  Mr. Zhang Zhi was invited to attend the series activities.

With the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Special Economic Zone and the full opening of the world's NO.1 pavilion, the global exhibition vision focused on Shenzhen, and jointly discuss the latest hot spots, pain points and difficulties in the exhibition industry.

At the awarding ceremony of Guangdong Top 100 Convention and Exhibition Enterprises, our company won the certificate and medal of "Host category - Guangdong Top 100 Convention and Exhibition Enterprises. The Guangdong Top 100 Convention and Exhibition Enterprises are evaluated by Guangdong Exhibition Organizers Association that is entrusted by Guangdong Department of Commerce. It has lasted for three years, from the establishment of identification methods and standards, to the declaration, preliminary evaluation, expert evaluation, verification by competent departments, publicity and other processes, which is quite strict. According to the regulations, our company and selected enterprises can enjoy preferential support treatment on the exhibition promotion, policy support and other work in the future .


The title of "Guangdong Top 100 Convention and Exhibition Enterprises" is the industry's recognition of Wise Exhibition's 20-year deep cultivation of exhibitions, keeping the original intention and forging ahead. It is also an encouragement for Wise Exhibition to move towards a new chapter, create new achievements and win new honors. Wise e

Exhibition will join hands with colleagues of the industry to make further contributions to the development of the exhibition industry!


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